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Sunday, the AG Insurance - Soudal will be at the start of the Argenta Classic. This exciting race takes the riders through the beautiful region from Deurne to Ekeren, covering a total distance of 137,5 kilometers.

The Argenta Classic offers a mix of technical passages and strategic moments on Antwerp soil, making the race particularly challenging for the riders. Our team will be represented by Fien Masure, Jalde Linthoudt, Leonie Bentveld, Maaike Boogaard, and Margot Marasco.

Twisting and turning through the picturesque streets of the Antwerp city center offers a wonderful opportunity for our U23 team to showcase themselves and gain valuable experience. Strengthened by two elite riders, this event is an ideal moment to build rhythm and prepare for the upcoming challenges towards the Baloise”, said sports director Stijn Steels.