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Julie is

  • Age 30
  • Joined team in January, 2024

Julie's Bio

Julie Van de Velde, born on June 2, 1993, in Bruges, Belgium, discovered her passion for cycling thanks to her sporty mother. She inherited her love for cycling from her mother, a true sports fanatic who always encouraged her sister, brother, and Julie to be active, thus passing on the cycling bug. Despite a background in athletics, she bought a racing bike and started taking cycling seriously in 2016 after a running injury.

In 2016, Julie graduated as a physiotherapist from KU Leuven and then began working part-time as a physiotherapist while starting her cycling career. She continued to combine both professions until the end of 2019.

Julie's professional career has had several highlights, including a near-victory in the Tour de France after an impressive solo breakaway and a podium finish in the Tour of Scandinavia. These achievements strengthened her self-confidence and motivation. Her move to AG Insurance - Soudal offered new opportunities in a team that values her abilities and provides a familial atmosphere.

"I aim to play a key role in achieving the team's goals, with a special focus on challenging climbing stages. The opportunity to occasionally set my own course as an independent rider would be ideal for me. In my role within the new team, I see myself as both a supportive force in the tougher races and an adventurous rider actively participating in breakaways."

Julie , who is part of a twin, also places great value on family, with whom she regularly makes cycling trips, these family ties being an important source of energy and joy in her life.