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Vision of NXTG

To grow women’s cycling you first need to create a solid foundation. If you build a new house you don’t start with the roof either. The gap between the riders coming straight from junior level to the elite level where they race against the best riders in the world, is huge. There is no U23 category in women’s cycling, no in-between step. That’s where we come into play.

We believe in equal opportunities: in equipment, training facilities and staff. Our riders are already 1-0 down because of their age and we don’t want that to become 2-0 because the team around them doesn’t have a professional set-up. In our conversations with Patrick Lefevere, we noticed that we have the same vision on how to create a sustainable approach to women’s cycling, together with Soudal. With AG Insurance - Soudal we found the perfect partner to dare, dream and grow.

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Our ambition to participate in the Women's World Tour was still a goal until last year, but we are proud to say that we have achieved World Tour Status in 2024. In addition to this important milestone, we continue to commit ourselves to building a solid foundation with a talent pool of riders in the U19 and our own development team. We offer all our teams a race program that suits their development and helps them grow. In this way, we strive for a sustainable project that not only inspires our own teams but also sets an example for other teams to work on the foundations of cycling.

Now that we are part of the Women's World Tour, our development team has the unique opportunity to participate in selected UCI races alongside the elite team. This opportunity is a crucial part of our riders' development and aligns perfectly with our vision. Similar to the men's World Tour teams, this integration offers us the chance to establish a stronger foundation in cycling. It not only fosters the development of a broader talent base but also enhances the competitive level of female riders at the highest echelons of the sport. It is a significant step forward in creating equal opportunities in cycling and elevating the sport to a new level.