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Kim is

  • Age 28
  • Joined team in January, 2024

Kim's Bio

Kim Le Court, born in 1996 in Mauritius, East Africa, discovered her passion for cycling within her family. Influenced by her parents and older brother, who were avid cyclists, Kim naturally felt drawn to the sport and made the transition from soccer to cycling at a young age. After completing a business-oriented education at a French school, Kim decided to fully dedicate herself to her cycling career.

Kim identifies herself as an all-rounder, skilled in various aspects of cycling. This versatility reflects her deep passion for the sport, which she attributes to the multifaceted nature of cycling. For Kim, cycling is more than a sport; it's a platform for social interaction, exploration, and unique experiences. The thrill of competition further enhances her love for cycling.

Among the races she cherishes, the Cape Epic and Swiss Epic stand out. These races offer breathtaking landscapes and exclusive trails, providing a unique experience. A notable highlight in Kim's career is her victory in the Cape Epic 2023, an achievement that holds a special place in her list of accomplishments.

Beyond cycling, Kim particularly enjoys beach walks, spending time with friends, solving puzzles, and playing video games. Looking to the future, Kim aims to make her mark in road cycling, parallel to her success in marathon mountain biking. Her ultimate ambition is to make the most of her professional career, without regrets about the choices she has made.