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As a professional cyclist, you know that safety, just like speed and endurance, is an essential part of your success. That's precisely why we, as the cycling teams Soudal Quick-Step and AG Insurance-Soudal Quick-Step, are excited to share our collaboration with Safety Jogger, a brand that, like us, places dedication and safety in high regard.

This year, we had the opportunity as a cycling team to visit the A+A event in Düsseldorf, the world's largest gathering for workplace safety, health, and security. It took place from October 24 to 27, where the latest trends and innovations were presented.

Safety Jogger, a Belgian company specializing in safety shoes, workwear, head protection, and gloves, played a pivotal role at this event. This partnership represents a significant chapter in our commitment to supporting not only our male and female riders but also our technical staff, logistics team, physiotherapists, and everyone else who contributes to our team's success.

Together with Safety Jogger, we will go above and beyond to ensure the well-being and safety of every team member. Our objective is to create an environment where everyone feels secure and supported.

At the A+A event, we had the pleasure of visiting it together with some of our top riders, including Tim Melier, Julian Alaphilippe, and Ashleigh Moolman Pasio. They underscored the importance of safety and protection in the workplace.

Tom Gybels from Safety Jogger said the following: "We had a blast with both the men’s team Soudal-Quick-Step and women’s team AG Insurance-Soudal Quick-Step during the biggest global fair, with our largest booth ever! The male and female riders discovered our collections, met our customers, and even baked and tasted some Belgian waffles."

Together, Safety Jogger and our teams form an unbeatable alliance of speed and security!