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Last Sunday, the junior riders of AG Insurance - Soudal showcased some impressive performances. Fee Knaven took an impressive second place during the race in Berg en Terblijt, part of the KNWU Toekomstcup, in the Dutch province of Limburg. This achievement followed the previously announced success of Luca Vierstraete, who earlier secured first place in the Borlo time trial.

Closely behind, Roos Müller managed to achieve a solid fourth place in the competition.

The race began and ended at the iconic Geulhemmerberg in Berg en Terblijt, featuring both an exciting start and an thrilling finish. The course, which stretched across Geulhemmerberg, Langen Akker, and the exhilarating descent of Brakke Berg, covered a total distance of 50 kilometers and was the toughest for juniors in the Netherlands, featuring a staggering 1200 meters of altitude gain.

“The race was intense right from the beginning. During the first climb, I had already pulled away with two others and we stayed ahead. The rider who came third was dropped early on. Then it was just the two of us. Eventually, in the last five laps, I couldn't keep up anymore and I fought solo to secure second place. It was truly a grueling race. It felt like you barely got any rest, and then you had to keep going”, Fee spoke after her runner-up spot.