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Febe Jooris of AG Insurance - Soudal took gold at the Belgian Time Trial Championship, finishing in 30 minutes 9 seconds. The second place went to Xaydee Van Sinaey, Eefje Brandt finished in third place.

In the junior category, Ella Heremans secured second place, with a time of 15 minutes 41 seconds. She was narrowly beaten by Ilken Seynave, who was 11 seconds faster. Lotte Olbrechts finished in third place. Additionally, Luca Vierstraete secured fourth place, and Auke De Buysser finished fifteenth.

Our U23 riders were represented by Febe Jooris, who started on a course of two local laps of 9.5 kilometers each. The U19 riders completed a single 9.5 kilometer lap, starting and finishing in Geraardsbergen on the Guilleminlaan. The U19 team consisted of Auke De Buysser, Ella Heremans, and Luca Vierstraete.

After the race, a delighted Ella Heremans said: “It actually went quite well today. I had to make up some ground on the first climb, but then could rest well to come back strong on the second hill. That felt really good; I could keep everything under control and get back into my rhythm. Overall, I felt it went really well. It was certainly a tough course, especially with the hot weather, which made it even harder. But that combination suits me; I can usually handle the heat well. And a hilly course, with its ups and downs, plays to my advantage. It was a good combination for me. I had hoped for a top-five place, so this second place was quite unexpected. I'm not really a time trialist, so it was definitely a surprise, but it's great to take this result with me.”

“The course and the first real warmth made it extremely challenging. I didn't feel my best, but I'm very happy that I managed it again. It was tough, but I'm very satisfied with the result”, said a happy Febe.