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Nanoi Van Wettere sprinted to victory in Paal, Saturday afternoon. The race was divided into two categories: junior women and novice women, and the 70km course comprising ten laps featured four challenging climbs per lap.

"I made several attempts to break away before the novices began their race, but unfortunately, these efforts yielded no results. As the race progressed, the pace quickened, and the competition became intense. Everyone tried their luck on the climbs. During the race, I briefly lost contact when I had to put my foot down on the second ascent, but I quickly regained my position at the front."

"In the end, the peloton stayed together, and the race concluded in a sprint, where I emerged victorious in the final meters. I didn't have high expectations for today, especially because climbing is not one of my strong suits. However, I'm very pleased to have demonstrated my good form", said a very satisfied Nanoi.