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AG Insurance-Soudal Quick-Step U19 rider Laia Bosch took a big win in the Spanish national Cup race in Almería. The 18-year-old rider raced in a mixed field of elite and junior riders.

“The elite riders raced 120 kilometers and we did half that distance so we started halfway. I tried to split the field and it worked and we were away but there was no collaboration. The elite riders caught up with our peloton. So, all of a sudden, we were such a big peloton,” Laia explains.

“It wasn’t a super hilly race but it was really hot with temperatures of almost 40 degrees in the south of Spain. I raced with the Spanish national junior team here. The final 500 meters were a bit uphill but the last 100 meters were flat. I was sixth in the elite field in that sprint and the best junior of this race.”

There was another win for the U19 team. Nanoi Van Wettere won the provincial championship in West-Flanders, Belgium. She raced with fellow West-Flanders resident Luca Vierstraete in Roeselaere.

“There were riders here from other provinces of Belgium so I had to keep an eye on the competition.” Nanoi explains. “Luca was in a crash and I was caught behind but we both came back. Luca did a fantastic lead out for me and I was third in the race, and best rider for West-Flanders. So now I have that great jersey.”

Luca Vierstraete won the provincial time trial title a few weeks ago so our two riders split the wins in West-Flanders.