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Fee Knaven sprinted to victory once again on Sunday morning, claiming the top spot at the 20th edition of the Memorial Stanny Verlooy. This challenging race, held in Aartselaar, comprised ten laps or a total distance of 53 kilometers.

This recent triumph comes on the heels of Fee's exceptional performance two weeks ago at the GP Vermarc, where she secured first place with a remarkable solo effort. On the following day, Fee also earned the coveted green jersey, courtesy of her strong performance in the mass sprint.

Reflecting on the race, Fee said: "The race didn't unfold as initially anticipated. I had hoped to break away, either on my own or with a small group, but unfortunately, this didn't happen, leading to a sprint finish towards the end. I managed to position myself optimally in the lead-up to the sprint and secured the victory with a strong sprint. Naturally, I'm thrilled with this achievement."

In addition to our juniors, our U23 riders also participated in the GP Beerens, which took place in Aartselaar on the same day. They navigated through local circuits encompassing the streets of Aartselaar, Reet, Kontich, Boom, and the renowned 'de Schorre' area, resulting in a total course length of 129.6 kilometers.

The rather flat race featured a high pace with multiple breakaways, where Eline Van Rooijen crossed the finish line first among our young talents after a sprint.

Sports Director Servais Knaven commented: “The girls rode a very good race, consistently positioning themselves well at the front and staying with the breakaways. Only in the last kilometer did they lose each other a bit, which prevented Eline from initiating the sprint from the right position and finishing among the top contenders.”

On Sunday, Britt Knaven showcased her time trial prowess during the 9th edition of the Memorial Igor Decraene in Waregem. Competing on a flat 21.2-kilometer course, consisting of two laps, she secured an impressive second place in a race renowned for its technically demanding time trial circuit.

"It was an enjoyable course with many sections of smooth asphalt where you could really push the pace, and I always appreciate that," explained Britt. "I felt really good at the start of the time trial, but towards the end, I could sense a bit of fatigue. I've been dealing with some illness recently, which has affected my training, so I'm certainly pleased with a second-place finish."