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This Sunday, AG Insurance – Soudal will participate in Gent – Wevelgem, the longest one-day race in the Women’s WorldTour to date, covering a distance of 171.2 kilometers. Starting from the historic city of Ypres, marked by the impressive Menin Gate, the riders face a challenging course. The Kemmelberg will be climbed from two different sides, including the notorious Ossuaire variant with its maximum gradient of 21.1%. The course features a total of seven climbs, including the Scherpenberg, Baneberg, and Monteberg, together forming a rigorous test for the peloton.

The race is not only a physical challenge due to the distance and climbing but also carries deep historical significance. Monuments along the course commemorate the First World War, adding an extra dimension to the race. Since its first edition in 2012, which started as a national race, it has progressed to become part of the UCI Women's World Tour in 2016. Our team leader, Jolien D’hoore, has left her mark on this race with impressive performances: securing second place twice in 2017 and 2018, and achieving a glorious victory in 2020.

This year, the following selection will compete: Maud Rijnbeek, Ilse Pluimers, Kim Le Court, Maaike Boogaard, Anya Louw, Julie Van de Velde. “Gent - Wevelgem feels like a leap into the unknown for me; it’s my first time at the start line of this iconic race. Every race this year has been a journey of discovery, and this race is no exception. I’m bursting with enthusiasm! To be honest, this sense of adventure has gripped me for months. It feels like I’m living my dream.”

“Just like in previous races, I don’t know what to expect from Gent - Wevelgem, but that uncertainty only adds to the excitement. As for our tactics, I’m keeping those under wraps for now, but I’m determined to give it my all, just as I have all season. I seize every opportunity to learn and grow, knowing there’s always room for improvement,” said Kim Le Court.

Last Thursday, Kim Le Court made an impression in Brugge - De Panne by securing an honorable ninth place after a thrilling sprint.